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Dr. Rabinowitz, On our journey through life we sometimes get to share the path with someone extraordinary. What you do makes such a difference in peoples lives - who you are makes it all the more special. From the bottom of our most grateful hearts - thank you.

Rich and Mary Ann

Dear Dr. Rabinowitz, Just a thank you for all you did in helping to heal me! There should be more doctors like you who have their heart in their profession and your kindness with their patients, as you have. You, as well as your wonderful staff, have made my difficult healing moments easier to deal with and even made me laugh along the way. Thanks for being such a wonderful doctor, and a fine example of the true meaning of the word. Thank you, with all my deepest appreciation, always


Dear Dr. Rabinowitz, Thank you so much for caring for me as a patient. I'm very thankful for your generosity and concern and selflessness. Dr. Magee's recommendation was certainly warranted! It is obvious, too, that your staff is treated with the same kindness and professionalism; they are happy to work for you. So, again, thank you!


Testimonials Breast Reduction & Tummy Tuck Hi my name is Donna and in 2004 I had a car accident that left me with herniated discs in my lower back and neck along with other injuries. After extensive procedures on my back and neck, my doctors informed me that breast reduction surgery would also help reduce the stress and strain on my back and neck. My husband had been treated by Dr. Rabinowitz for a broken hand and suggested I see Dr. Rabinowitz, I had my first appointment with Dr. Rabinowitz late fall 2006, at that time my breast had enlarged to a DD along with some added weight from steroid treatments on my back. Dr. Rabinowitz recommended I wait until my weight was reduced to my normal weight for the surgery to be done. I also visited two other well-known plastic surgeons for opinions on my situation. I decided on Dr. Rabinowitz as my surgeon as he was the most sincere, kind, gentle and understanding of the doctors, his reputation and photos of past procedures were also outstanding. I returned to Dr. Rabinowitz in early January and told him of my decision to proceed. Dr. Rabinowitz sent all the necessary reports and information to my health insurance for the procedure to be covered medically, after an appeal filed by Dr. Rabinowitz and myself the insurance company approved the procedure. The date was set for June 21st; my weight had reduced from 138 lbs to my normal 115 lbs, which also left me with very stretched skin and very oversized breasts. Dr. Rabinowitz performed the procedure along with a tummy tuck and hernia repair. The results are outstanding; his surgical work along with his professional and personal attention could not be matched. His office staff is the best I have ever worked with they made everything work so smooth and easy from scheduling to insurance filing. My before and after photos are on the web site and you can see for yourself that my results look fantastic, everything is perky and back where it belongs. The scaring is very minimal, I am down to a size C and they look magnificent on my 115lb 5 ft frame, I have not felt this great about my breasts nor been this size since I was 17 years old. I sincerely thank Dr. Rabinowitz and his staff for every thing they have done for me and making this a very comfortable experience.


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